Tim’s Philosophy of Stress-Free Wedding Photography.

I’ve been providing informal Wedding Photography for quite a while now and one principle, above all, has guided me during this time. It is this : Don’t be a pain in the ass. Photography, even of the wedding variety, can and should be a nice uncomplicated business. Get the job done, and don’t get in the way. Be personable, efficient and unobtrusive, not part of the entertainment.

The Method.

I’ve never cared for the term photo-journalist; it always sounds to me as if I’m covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, or driving into Baghdad on top of a tank. It’s really just a storybook approach, where the pictures, when taken together, give you a real idea of how it was on the day.

The Idea.

There are two kinds of photograph that get taken at weddings; ones that you’re aware of, and ones you’re not. Claudia Schiffer looks very good when smiling for the camera, but then she’s had time to practice. Most other people look better when they’re not being ordered to smile. Obviously there ought to be some formals, it’s expected, but not hundreds, and the trick is to take them as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The Coverage.

Because of the way I do things, I like to be there throughout the proceedings whenever possible. From the preparations in the morning right up until the buffet gets laid out for the evening guests. (Some people choose not to have me at the bride’s house beforehand, which is fair enough; it can be a little tense) .

I generally stick around until the second or third dance, by which time, frankly, I’m starting to repeat myself. Also, there’s only so many pictures of people boogying that anyone could want.

The Deal.

I used to offer all sorts of different packages, until I realised that they weren’t actually very different, and that I kept ending up with lots of prints of other peoples’ weddings. So now I’ve simplified the things all the way down to one all-inclusive price. I take pictures all day then give them to you. What could be simpler?

For some reason I always end up with about 200 photos that are worth printing up, no matter how many I take. Perhaps it’s just an immutable Law of the Universe; weddings create 200 good prints. So I give you 200 9″ X 6″ prints in a pair of very nice, functional albums, then a DVD containing absolutely everything else that was in focus. And you can do what you like with them. They’re yours. I could provide elaborate/enormous albums or photobooks or your faces on a pillowcase but then you can do that just as easily yourselves and without paying me for the privilege.

I usually include small web-friendly copies of all the pictures so you can bombard social-media if you so choose. Or I can do a Facebook gallery for you. Anything to please.

The End.

So there you have it: Tim’s Philosophy of Unobtrusive Wedding Photography. Ideally you don’t notice I’m working, and nobody gets ordered to smile. If this sounds like your thing, get in touch.


A few galleries to browse through….

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